From a February 1957 Louella Parsons
newspaper column:
The 1950's
An editorial Dorothy wrote to the
LA Times in 1954
Dorothy in an undated photo with husband Herman Shapiro.
I received a wonderful email from a gentleman named
Raul Garcia and in his email he told me a story about
how while reading his grandmother's handwritten
memoirs, he learned she had been friends with
Dorothy Sebastian. In the 1950's, his grandmother and
members of her family would travel from Cuba during
the summer and spend time at the Henrosa Hotel in
Miami Beach, Florida. It was here that his
grandmother, her name was Cristina Garcia, met and
became friends with Dorothy. Good enough friends
that Dorothy went to visit Cristina in Cuba on two
separate occasions. She would stay at Cristina's 850
acre farm called "Caraballo". Raul was even kind
enough to share two photos from August of 1955
showing members of his family posing with Dorothy.  
Built in 1935, currently the Hotel Henrosa is vacant and
under renovation.
Dorothy is sitting on the floor
The 1950's brought a brand new career for Dorothy, she and her husband Herman ran the Henrosa Hotel in Miami Beach Florida. In the beginning she feared she
might be bored but soon she reveled in the busy atmosphere and the opportunity to mix with the public again as a hostess (she was recognizable to many as a
former actress).

Dorothy was really taken with many of the Cuban visitors that stayed at the hotel and she worked hard to quickly learn Spanish so she could better converse with
them. In December of 1955 she went to Cuba to visit with her new friends. Currently the 40 room Henrosa is vacant and up for sale.
Hotel Henrosa ca 1952
According to the Lexicon Cornu-Britannicum,
Henrosa means '
to dream' in ancient Celtic.