I hope you have enjoyed visiting my Dorothy website. Do come back often as this is a dynamic site and I am
constantly adding more pictures and stories as I find them, or as they find me.

Who am I and why bother building a website for a long forgotten actress like Dorothy Sebastian? I have a
fondness for silents and old western movies. A few years back my dad introduced me to Hopalong Cassidy
movies and I was hooked. While reading about Hoppy, I learned about an actress named Dorothy Sebastian
who was his fourth wife. (William "Hopalong Cassidy" Boyd found his true love in fifth wife Grace Bradley
whom he married in 1937. Don't you just love happy endings?!)

Dorothy Sebastian, I find to be quite interesting in her own unique way. She seemed to have been a very fun,
outgoing, free-spirited personality with quite a touch of that old 'devil-may-care' attitude. A real flapper!
After searching the internet to find information about her I found some sites with a couple pictures and/or
short blurbs but not much else.

In time I received an offer to purchase a large envelope, full of vintage magazine articles, pictures and
clippings on Dot. So what's a girl to do when offered such a treasure at an insanely reasonable price? Well I
bought it of course! After receiving my envelope I wondered what I could do with all that amazing stuff...
There was only one thing to do ~ build a website!

Dorothy Sebastian would be forgotten no longer!

I want to thank all the wonderful people who have taken the time to share pictures, stories and other
information with me. That sharing has helped make this a better website. If you have any information about
Dorothy or her career, family, life etc please feel free to contact me. New and interesting bits of information
are ALWAYS cheerfully accepted here - and credit given too!
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Also a huge "Thank You!" to my uber-supportive and very patient hubby who puts up with my Dorothy
collecting, Dorothy researching, computer monopolizing AND who has also had to sit through countless
Dorothy and Hoppy films with me... He's such a wonderful guy!

Have a great day and God bless!

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MANY thanks to my friend Susie for
asking Grace to sign a picture for me.
Grace,  January 2009  
Looking radiant and
beautiful at 95.
Sadly, she passed away
in September 2010.