Allen Driver Stafford
Allen Driver Stafford was Dorothy's first husband, and according to one magazine article, her high school
sweetheart. They were married in Birmingham Alabama by Rev. J.R. Partridge on Tuesday evening November
9, 1920. Afterwards they went to New Orleans for their honeymoon.
Al was 21 and Dorothy was 18 at the time of their marriage according to their marriage license. After returning
from their honeymoon they settled in an apartment in Birmingham. Al worked his way up to management,
treasurer and owner of the family business - The White Swan Laundry in Birmingham.
A 1931 film magazine story tells how in time the
couple had to move in with Al's mother who was
dependant on her son for care. The stress of
living with a dependant mother-in-law was too
much and Dorothy needed Al to choose who his
priority was. Whether this version is true or not
remains to be seen since Al's father passed away
in 1934.

This version of the break-up of Dorothy's first
marriage was printed after her very public
second marriage. The story is in stark contrast
to her February 1924 divorce decree, according
to which, she was in fear of her 'life and health'.
No mention of Al was ever made until his existence was revealed when Dorothy filled out a marriage
license application to marry William Boyd in 1930. The press got hold of that marriage license but
Dorothy refused to name her first husband and someone wrote "Do Not Publish" on the official copy
of her first marriage license so it would not be released to the public.
On November 12, 1926 Al married Margaret Johns and they had a
son named Edwin who was born August 17, 1927. In 1928 Margaret
gave birth to twins who sadly died at birth.

Al and Edwin were in business together in Houston, Texas when
Al passed away on April 6, 1952. On the right is his obituary that
tells a little more about his life.
What ever became of the White Swan Building seen in the
postcard above? Here are two 2007 photos, the building has
kept its interesting brickwork