Sadly, Dorothy is remembered more for who she slept with rather than as her own person with her own acting abilities. Not even just her acting
abilities but her personal kindnesses and great generosity to those she cared for. For instance on Christmas day she was known to fill a taxi cab up with
gifts and then drive all around Hollywood delivering them!
Dorothy and Buster's affair lasted from 2 to 10 years depending on which biography you read. This
affair was an open secret in Hollywood owing to both parties indiscretion. Buster was in an
unhappy marriage to Natalie Talmadge (sister to Norma and Constance) and he fell very hard for
Dorothy because she was the complete opposite of his wife - fun, full of life, liked practical jokes,
bridge and she also enjoyed their physical relationship. Dorothy enjoyed the fast life that went
along with being a star ~ the all night parties, the clubs, the dinners. She liked the alcohol too but
her system didn't so after a few drinks she would pass out, thus she was given the nicknames
"Slam Bang Sebastian", "Slambastian" or just "Slam".
In 5 years time Dorothy's marriage to Bill broke down. After the divorce Dorothy resumed her relationship Eleanor Norris
caught Buster's eye. He didn't feel right about breaking up with Dorothy after so many years, he thought the trauma
would be too much for her (especially after her bad luck in recent years). Together Buster and Eleanor plotted to
introduce Dorothy to a handsome wrestler from the Hollywood Legion Stadium where they would often go watch the
matches as a group. Hoping that Dorothy and a certain wrestler would In 5 years time Dorothy's marriage to Bill broke
down. After the divorce Dorothy resumed her relationship hit it off, Buster invited him over to his home for dinner and
introduced them. According to Eleanor it worked. with Buster spending most of her time at his house. This lasted for
about 2 years until a young actress named In time Eleanor became Buster's third wife and they remained together until
he passed away in 1966. According to Louise Brooks, by the time Dorothy died, just a few miles from where he lived,
Buster had completely forgotten about her.
Though she is remembered as being Buster's mistress, their relationship was never exclusive. But
not being exclusive doesn't mean you can't have a little fun... One story tells of how Dorothy
discovered that Buster was going to Florida with another woman for a weekend, so she rented the
adjacent connecting house and proceeded to bang on pots and pans making a terrible racket so as
to ruin any chance of a quiet 'romantic' time the couple had planned. They left the house and
Buster didn't find out who the noisy neighbor was until he was back to Hollywood. He loved it, her
sense of fun was one of the many reasons he was attracted to her.
By 1930 Dorothy was tired of being a mistress. She wanted
"desperately to be married" according to fellow actress Anita Page.

While Buster was away in Europe, Dorothy met, fell in love with
and married
William Boyd after working on two movies with him.
Dorothy and Buster
were in 3 movies
Marriage, Free and
Easy (Dot had a
cameo) and the film
Allez Oop.
Buster with
Natalie and
their two