Walker, F. George and Dorothy - Witnesses to the marriage of Dorothy & William Boyd.

Weight - Hollywood's obsession even back then...

Weinstein, M. - Jewelers that Dorothy did advertisements for early in her career.

Wayburn, Ned - 1874-1942. Ran a dancing school in NYC considered a gateway to getting into Professional
show business. Dot attended '24.

White, George - 1890-1968. Produced Scandals a revue style show in NYC and then 2 movie versions in

Why Women Love - Release date: October 18, 1925 aka Sea Women & Barriers Aflame. 70 minutes.

Wide Open Spaces, The - Film short released December 28, 1931 20 minutes. Western spoof by The Masquers
Comedy Club of Hollywood.

Winds of Chance - Release date: August 16, 1925. 100 minutes, filmed in Banff National Park Alberta Canada.
Incomplete copy survives.

Women, The - Film released September 1, 1939. 133 minutes. Dorothy had a bit part. I can't find her in it.. Can
you? Hint: IMDB is incorrect!

Wyoming -  Film released March 24, 1928. Filmed in Lander WY.  
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