George White
Ziegfeld Girl Or Scandals Girl?
Many famous actresses got their start in the Ziegfeld Follies. For instance Marion Davies, Paulette Goddard, Barbara Stanwyck, Billie Dove and Mae Murray among
others. Although I haven't found any evidence that Dorothy was a "
Follies Girl" (With the exception of an early erroneous press release saying she was), she was
definitely a "
Scandals Girl" in George White's 'Scandals Of 1924' music revue. Maybe what leads many to believe that she was a Follies Girl are the photos taken by
Alfred Cheney Johnston who is known for his artistic pictures of the Follies Girls.
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According to a theatre program from opening night:

Act 1

Scene 1   
Just Missed the Opening Chorus

Scene 2  
Don't Be Late
4 episodes

Scene 3
Dorothy had a part in this.

Scene 4
Ups and Downs in Pogotown

Scene 5
A Garden
I Need a Garden
(sung by Helen Hudson with the Elm City Four

Scene 6
Wild Irish Rose

Scene 7
Night Time in Araby
sung by Richard Bold dance by The De Marcos dance team

Scene 8
Southern Express
Dorothy had a part in this.

Scene 9

Scene 10
Year After Year We Are Together
Dorothy had a part in this in the Diamond Curtain.

Scene 11
Somebody Loves Me

Scene 12
The Censors

Scene 13
Leave it to the Audience
Tune in to (Station) J O Y  
Charleston dance performed by "The Girls"


Act 2

Scene 1 - 3  
Mah Jongg
Dorothy plays "West Wind"

Scene 4   
Song: Lovers of Art
(sung by The Elm City Four) This scene featured special lighting that made the 'Bathing
Girls' appear to be nude statues. According to the theatre program: The stage effect used in
this scene is invented and protected by A. Samolloff of London and is presented by
arrangement with E. Ray Goetz, the sole licensee for the Samolloff Light Effects in the
United States and Canada. The management wishes to acknowledge the kind assistance of
Mr Julian Wylie of the London Hippodrome in the staging of this number.

Scene 5
Colorature Poetry

Scene 6
Rose of Madrid
Dorothy had a part as one of the "Girls in the Comb".

Scene 7
I Love You My Darling

Scene 8

Scene 9
In The Land of The Congo
Dorothy had a part as one of the "Feather Curtain Girls".

Scene 10
The Versatile 4

Scene 11
Sheik Orchestra

Scene 12
Scandals of 1924

June 30, 1924 - December 13, 1924
Apollo Theatre
Opening: Jun 30, 1924       
Closing: Dec 13, 1924   
Total Performances: 198
A revue in two acts.

Production Credits:

Produced by George White

Music by George Gershwin;

Book by George White and
William K. Wells;

Lyrics by B.G. DeSylva and
Ballard MacDonald;

Additional music by Sam Gould, Charlie Winston, Lew Pollack and Will

Musical Director: William Daly;

Music orchestrated by Maurice DePackh

Staged by George White

Costume Design by Erté and Juliette;

Scenic Design by William Oden Waller and Siedle
Information on
the old Apollo
George Gershwin in 1932
Apollo Theater ca 1922
Can you find Dorothy in these two pictures?