At Home With Dot
Dorothy's home from about 1927 to 1930 was at 305 Carmelina Drive in Los Angeles. She lived here with her
chauffeur named Harry and cook named Maude, who were married. The house, a classic Spanish Revival bungalow,
and garage were built in the Brentwood Club Estates in 1926 at a cost of $5,500. Supposedly, the house was a gift
from her then love interest cowboy actor Tom Mix. In 1987 this house was ready for demolition but the owner
offered it free to any tax deductible taker so the California State University took it. The house was chopped into three
pieces via chainsaw, causing most of the tiles and bricks to fall off, and moved onto the campus. CSU chose it for use
as a dean's home, but those plans never materialized after cost calculations of fixing it (it was discovered to be full of
asbestos). So it sat on the campus for a year surrounded by a fence. Eventually the little house was moved to
Sunland and put in storage. In January of 1991 it was purchased, moved to Pasadena where it remains. After months
of hard work fixing it up, Dot's little bungalow is now a beautiful and well manicured private residence.
Dorothy's Carmelina house as it looks today in Pasadena CA. Awfully nice, no? The house was
put in Dorothy's name sometime after it was built in 1927. The house was then rented out
after Dot married William Boyd and was sold in October of 1933, no doubt a very bad
financial time for the couple.
Some views in the updated
Brentwood house. Left is the
dining room, right is the
breakfast room and the living
room is above. The ceilings,
floors and fireplaces are all
Dorothy with
Tom Mix on the
set of Arizona
Wildcat in 1927.
here for
some of
Special thanks to Helena Mountford for sharing a great article about this house.
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A special "Thank you" goes out to author Michael Lewallen, a former owner of this house for
some lovely pictures and information!
Dorothy and Buddy in their backyard.