Dorothy's Family
Father: Lycurgus (Lawrence) Robert Sabiston
Born: March 1860 North Carolina
Married: Stella Armstrong, February 26, 1890
Died: July 6, 1945 Alabama

Mother: Stella Armstrong
Born: October 3, 1870(?) Tennessee
Died: Jan 1938 Alabama

Sister: Elizabeth (Bessie) Christine
Born: 1893 Alabama
Married: James F. Phillips May 24, 1911
Died: Jan 6, 1962

Brother: Robert James
Born: September 2, 1895 Alabama
Died: September 13, 1918 France

Sister: Mary Helen
Born: 1909 Alabama
Married: Mercer Lee Price Jan 1928
Divorced: 1928
Married: Cecil Wright 193?
Divorced: 1936?
Married: George Bosnick June 17, 1937
Died: May 14, 1938 California
Nephew Robert Phillips 1937
Dorothy's grandfather James Armstrong founded the first Presbyterian
Church in Alabama. The church pictured here is actually the second
location of this Congregation. When the first 'meeting house' was built, it
was at 18th Street and 5th Avenue. The above picture is from 1913 and the
picture below showing the same church is from 2007.
Thanks to Warren Reed for sharing his photos.
Dorothy's father worked at the Sloss-Sheffield
Steel and Iron Company or SSS&I Co.
Sister Mary Helen circa 1927
Dorothy and her father 1931