The Malibu Hills Ranch
The Dining Room
The great fireplace that Dorothy was able to stand in.
Wagon wheel chandelier is still
hanging from the ceiling.
This couch is original to
the house. It can be seen
in many of these photos.
The bar in the little sitting room.
The bath. The tiles are all from Spain.
This is the front of the house.
This is the view from the front of the house and you can see the road
leading up to it. Though it is hard to see, where the two mountains
meet, there is the Pacific Ocean.
The other side of  the little sitting room.
This archway can be seen in three of the photos
above. The large painted picture of William Boyd
used to be where the mirror is now. It was
commissioned by Dorothy in 1932.
Materials to build the house were brought up the hill in wagons via a dirt road.
Home photos circa
1938 & 1940. The living
room is 65 feet long
and each ceiling beam
is about one foot thick.
The kitchen
For a better view, click on the smaller pictures.