Tiffany Pictures (known for a period as Tiffany-Stahl Productions) was a Hollywood motion picture studio in
operation from 1921 until 1932.

Tiffany Productions was formed by then superstar Mae Murray and her then director husband Robert Z.
Leonard and Maurice H. Hoffman who filmed 8 films together that were released through MGM. Starting in
1925 with Souls for Sables Tiffany released films under their own name. Tiffany made a total of 70 sound
features, twenty which would be Westerns.

John M. Stahl was the director of Tiffany from 1927 until selling out in 1930 renaming the company
Tiffany-Stahl Productions. Head of Tiffany was Phil Goldstone with his vice president M.H. Hoffman who
later was president of Liberty Films that merged into Republic Pictures. Leonard A Young who similtaneously
ran LA Young Spring and Wire Company bought into Tiffany from Hoffman in 1929.

Tiffany acquired the former Reliance-Majestic Studios lot at 4516 Sunset Boulevard in 1927.

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Tiffany Productions Inc. a Hollywood movie studio also known as Tiffany Studios or Tiffany-Stahl
Productions which produced or distributed about 140 films, including some in Technicolor, from 1922 to
1932, when the studio filed for bankruptcy.

They were sued by Tiffany & Co. for trademark infringement, using such slogans as "Another Gem from