California - Film released May 7, 1927. 5 reels.

Carmelina Drive - Address in Hollywood Dorothy was living when the 1930 Federal Census was taken.

Columbia Pictures - Dorothy made a few films here.

Contraband/Contrabando - Filmed in 1931, but not released until February 8, 1933. Filmed in Tijuana
Mexico, CA & TX.  In English &  Spanish.

Crawford, Joan - 1905-1977 was in 5 films with Dorothy: Our Dancing Daughters, Our Blushing Brides,  
Montana Moon, Twelve Miles Out and The Women. The two became friends and stayed in touch til the 1950's.

Crowd, The - Film released February 18, 1928. 104 minutes, filmed in NYC and at Coney Island. Also known
as "The Mob"
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