Malibu Beach House - Dorothy and Bill shared this rented beach abode and opened it up to many parties for
friends and neighbors.

Malibu Hills Ranch House - Working ranch and home built by Bill Boyd around 1933/1934.

MGM Studios - Dorothy was a contract player. She left in 1930 to freelance.

McCoy, Tim - 1891-1978. Was in California, Wyoming, Morgan's Last Raid and The Adventurer.

Minx, The - Boat owned by Bill Boyd and Dorothy during their marriage.

Miracle of the Bells - Film released March 16, 1948. 120 minutes. Dorothy has bit part.

Mix, Tom - 1880-1940. Actor. Supposedly had an affair with Dorothy and built the Carmelina Drive home for
her in 1926.

Montana Moon - Film released March 20, 1930. 89 minutes.

Morgan's Last Raid - Film released January 5, 1929. 60 minutes.

Mysterious Pilot - 15 episode Serial released December 9, 1937. 300 minutes. Filmed at Bass Lake CA.
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