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1-18: Sackcloth and Scarlet filming complete.
Winds of Chance filming in Banff Canada.
Sackcloth and Scarlet released.
6-18: Attends gala premiere of "The Lost World" at Million Dollar Theatre.
9-8: Cast as lead in Dancer From Paris, but not in final film.
9-12: Filming of Why Women Love continues.
9-13: Got part in
Bluebeard's Seven Wives.
9-21: Filming of Bluebeard's 7 Wives begins in Cosmopolitan Studio in Harlem, NY.
10-8: Filming of Why Women Love completed.
Why Women Love aka Sea Women released.
10-25: Cast in The Reckless Lady, is not in final movie.
12-25: Dorothy travels to Europe.
Bluebeards Seven Wives released NYC.
Divorces Al Stafford.
Goes to NYC.
Gets a job as a model in a Ned Wayburn fashion show.
6-30: George White's
Scandals opens at the Apollo Theater West 42nd Street.
8-4: Apollo fire alarm goes off and audience ignores it and fire dept. Set off accidentaly.
Has photos taken by Alfred Cheney Johnston.
December: Picked by producer Robert T. Kane for Polly in Sackcloth and Scarlet.
December: Gets a contract with First National.
12-25: Filming for Sackloth and Scarlet starts.
2-26-1890: Dorothy's parents married.
Brother Robert James Sabiston born.
4-26-1903: Stella Dorothy born.
1909 -
Sister Mary Helen born.
5-24-1911: Sister Bessie marries J F Phillips.
9-13-1918: Brother Robert killed in France WW1.
11-9-20: Dorothy marries
Al Stafford.
Possibly gives birth to a daughter. (?)
Attends the University of Alabama.
1-2: Love released nationally.
The Crowd is released. Dot has a bit part that was cut from final film.
2-19: House of Scandal already under production.
Their Hour released.
Wyoming released.
April: Signs 2 year contract with MGM.
House of Scandal released.
4-1: Diamond Handcuffs already under production. Dorothy not in final movie though.
5-6: More rumors of an impending marriage to
Clarence Brown.
June: Interview in Motion Picture magazine about Dorothy's forthcoming marriage to Brown.
Adventurer released.
July: Cast in The Rainbow.
10-10: Has minor ear operation.
Our Dancing Daughters released.
A Woman of Affairs released.
12-24: Spite Marriage filming completed.
1-22: The Show released.
Demi Bride released.
California released.
On Ze Boulevard released.
July: Starts dating Clarence Brown.
7-9: Twelve Miles Out released.
7-31: Cast in Tea For Three.
8-23: Friends announce Dorothy's  engagement to
Clarence Brown
9-27: Isle of Forgotten Women released.
Sept: One of the first to try new Hollywood makeup to help in filming.
10-2: Denies engagement to Clarence Brown & large diamond gone from finger.
Tea For Three released.
Arizona Wildcat released.
11-24: Went with fiancé Clarence Brown to Mexico for the opening day at TiaJuana Race Track.
12-1: Haunted Ship released.
1-13: Dorothy returns to NY on the liner 'The New York' from Southhampton England.
Bluebeards Seven Wives released nationally.
Torrent released.
April - Got contract with MGM
July: Filming of Arizona Wildcat.
7-26: Filming of You'd Be Surprised (Dot was loaned by MGM to BP Schulberg for movie).
Beauty a la Mud short released.
You'd Be Surprised released.
Carmelina Drive house building permit issued - supposedly built by Tom Mix for Dorothy.
1-5: Morgan's Last Raid released.
The Rainbow released.
The Spirit of Youth released.
Devil's Apple Tree released.
4-1: Dorothy appears at the Screen Stars Gambol, to raise funds for the construction of the Arts Building at Loyola University.
Spite Marriage released.
4-15: The Single Standard filming commences.
7-29: The
Single Standard released.
Sept: Filming of His First Command at Fort Riley in Kansas.
Sept: Dot hosts a studio taffy party after filming of Unholy Night wraps.
9-14: The
Unholy Night, aka Green Ghost released.
10-25: Called as a witness in trial against Marjorie Berger and tax evasion.
10-29: Testifies in Los Angeles court for income tax fraud case.
Show People released.
Suffers a nervous breakdown.
12-28: His First Command released.
1-18: Rounder short released.
Officer O'Brien released.
March: Has a photo session with photographer George Hurrell.
3-3: Tax case settled. Dorothy pays back taxes and fine.
Montana Moon released.
3-22: Free and Easy released.
April: Leaves MGM to freelance.
Hell's Island released.
Our Blushing Brides released.
Ladies Must Play released.
8-8: Romance with William Boyd continues.
8-28: Cast in Utah Kid.
9-26: Stella Sabiston returns to NY from Europe. She visited her son's grave in France.
Brothers released.
10-24: The Big Gamble in production.
10-27: The
Utah Kid released.
12-18-30 Flies to Nevada to marry
William Boyd.
12-19-30: Marries William Boyd at 11:30 and they return to Hollywood later that day.
Aug: Seen dining at Al Levy's Tavern with studio friends.
9-10: This week Dot signed on for "Radio Flash".
Oct: William Boyd leaves home without explanation.
11-12: Announced
separation from William Boyd.
11-27: Announced
reconciliation & second honeymoon with William Boyd.
12-19: Celebrate 5th wedding anniversary.
12-25: William Boyd leaves without explanation Dorothy suffers nervous breakdown.
Jan/Feb: Dorothy has appendix removed.
3-11: Signed this week with Educational for comedy movie shorts.
4-6: No Sleep on the Deep short released.
4-22: Life of Vergie Winters in production, seen as a comeback to screen for Dorothy.
Allez Oop short released.
Life Of Vergie Winters released.
12-19: Celebrates 4th wedding anniversary.
2-8: Contraband finally released - filmed in 1931.
Ship of Wanted Men released.
Oct: Dorothy sold her
Carmelina Drive house.
10-6: Friend Renee Adoree dies of TB.
10-8: Funeral for Renee Adoree, William Boyd is a Pall Bearer.
11-9: Celebrates repeal of prohibition with William Boyd at a Hollywood club.
12-19: Celebrates 3rd wedding anniversary.
5-1: They Never Come Back released.
July: Dorothy's dog gets ill, Bill and Dorothy never paid for its treatment and the vet sues them.
8-28: Dorothy & Bill meet Renee Adoree at train station as she returns from AZ where she was ill with TB.
12-19: Celebrates 2nd wedding anniversary.
1931: Contraband filmed. Not released until 1933.
2-21: Leaves for Honolulu honeymoon with William Boyd on the SS Wilhelmina.
2-28: Arrives in Port of Honolulu
Lightning Flyer released.
4-5: (week of) returns from honeymoon on the liner Wilhemina.
April: Sited at the Brown Derby having lunch with Boyd.
Ships of Hate released.
July: Sails away for a while with Bill on their boat The Minx.
August 14: Goes back to Birmingham & Sheffield AL to visit her family.
August 14: Personal appearance at the Ritz Theatre in Sheffield, AL showing "Ladies Must Play".
August 16: Leaves Alabama and heads back to California.
Sept: Cast set for Wide Open Spaces.
Big Gamble released.
11-4: William Boyd hurt on the set of a movie, Dorothy goes to visit him.
11-21: The
Deceiver released.
12-28: The Wide Open Spaces short released.
3-29: Loses court case for hotel false arrest and $10,000 settlement.
: Sailed on the freighter West Notus from Norfolk, VA to California
January: Cast in Roy Rogers Rough Riders Round Up.
March: Seen with Buster Keaton at Grace Hayes Lodge.
9-1: The Women released.
Days Of Jesse James released.
1-20: Wins $10,00 in lawsuit against New Plaza Hotel.
2-2: Dorothy's
mother dies at home in Alabama after a long illness.
April: Admitted to Southern California Hospital, stays at least 5 weeks.
5-5: Sister filed to annul her marriage to George Bosnick.
Sister Helene Bosnick (Mary Helen) dies in a hotel fire in San Francisco, caused by falling asleep with lit cigarette.
5-15: Dorothy fights with doctors to go to San Francisco to arrange for sister's funeral.
5-17: Helene Bosnick's death ruled accidental.
July: Seen with Buster Keaton at Slapsie's Emporium.
10-16: Arrested for
drunk driving along with nephew Robert Phillips on way home from party at Buster Keaton's house.
10-17: Arraigned, plead Not Guilty claimed nephew Robert Phillips was driving.
11-7: Found Guilty of drunk driving charge.
11-23: Probation hearing, no jail time, fined $75, can't drive for 30 days, can't drink for a year & must report to a Probation Officer.
2-23: Appears in court & denies hotel defrauding charge.
3-1: Appears in San Diego Justice Court re hotel defrauding & demands a jury trial.
3-23: 10am; Charges against Dorothy dropped.
May: Seen in casting office, trying to get back into films.
5-14: Sues New Plaza Hotel for $250,00 for defamation of character.
6-17: Sister Helene (
Mary Helen) marries George Bosnick in Carson City NV.
Oct: Filming of Mysterious Pilot at Bass Lake in Madera CA.
Mysterious Pilot serial released.
3-18: Reap the Wild Wind released.
3-21: True to the Army released.
June: In Hollywood Hospital for "serious operation".
Cast in Kansas Cyclone.
May: Cast in Among the Living.
Kansas Cyclone released.
November: Seen having dinner with agent Bob Ratford at Charley Foys.
Among The Living released.
December: Seen having dinner with Bob Gregory at Bandbox.
May 1943: Seen dining with Sergeant William Philbin of the Marines at Sugar Hill.
1943: Switches from riveter to x-ray technician at airplane plant.
1943: Becomes engaged to Sergeant William Philbin.
June 1944: Continues doing defense work at Bohn Aluminum & Brass Plant in Torrence CA.

Jan/Feb 1945: Forced to quit her "X-ray expert" job at a war plant by her doctor.
Feb 1945: Cast in movie version of George White's Scandals of 1945.
7-6-1945: Dorothy's father passes away at home in Alabama.
10-10-45: Scandals of 1945 released.

August 1946: Cast in It's a Wonderful Life, accidentally hurts Gloria Grahame in a fight scene while filming. Not in final cut.
August 27, 1946: Marries Herman Shapiro in Florida.

July 1947: Reveals she and Herman Shapiro had been married "several months".
March 27, 1948: Miracle of the Bells released.
February 1952: Dorothy has 'serious surgery' at Hollywood Hospital.
April 1952: Al Stafford dies in Texas.

December 1954: Writes editorial to the LA Times about the dangers of careless driving in the USA.

1955: Dorothy and Herman purchase and operate the Henrosa Hotel in Miami Beach Florida.

4-8-1957: Dorothy Dies at the Hospital in Woodland Hills. The colon cancer she had spread to her liver causing failure.
4-11-1957: 9am funeral service at St Anastasia Catholic Church then burial at Holy Cross Cemetary.
4-26: Final separation from William Boyd.
5-7: Dorothy files for
5-29: Dorothy wins divorce decree. Bill agrees to pay her 10% of his earnings for next 3 years.
6-30: Seen dancing at the Trocadero with Erakine Gwynne.
9-6: Attended Irving Thalberg funeral.
November - Acts in Authors Club stage play called 'One Big Happy'.